Med Techonology was founded in 2007 by the current CEO & Founder Roberto Barbetti, whose thirty years of experience in the Aerospace and Defense sector has made it possible to create a professional and technically prepared team to face the challenges of the market.

At his side, always, the current General Manager & Co-Founder Patrizia Manzari, creative, innovative and with experience in the administrative field.

Year after year the work group has grown in terms of experience and numerically, obtaining recognition from the major customers in the sector.

In 2015, an important milestone is reached, Med Technology becomes Service Provider for the Leonardo customer.

Once again looking to the future in advance reveals a strategic choice that allows the organization to obtain an even more relevant and solid position in the market.

To date, history and the future come together through the inclusion of the second generation of the family in the company.

This allows for continuous innovation starting from the fundamental principles of the Company